Audio of the 911 calls received the morning of the shooting at the Pathmark supermarket have been released by the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office.

Callers, whose names have been removed from the recording, speak in hushed whispers reporting the shooting. A woman near tears and breathing heavily called from the ladies room not knowing where the gunman, Terrence Tyler was but did not hear gunshots. During the call, the dispatcher takes a call from a concerned parent who calls asking what was going on at the store.

A man who said he was running through the parking lot  told the dispatcher that Tyler was "blowing the store apart" and that other employees ran out the back of the store to a nearby  Park & Ride lot.

One male called described what shooterTyler was wearing, knew he was an ex-Marine but did not know his last name.

Through heavy breaths he tells the dispatcher that Tyler works for Pathmark and is shooting from the parking lot.

Another man was concerned that Tyler might sneak up on him as he called and described him as just being hired. One caller described Tyler as being angry as he left the store, returning shortly with a gun. His ring tone can be heard as he tells the dispatcher to "hold on" so he can take a call. She firmly tells him not to take the call.

Callers seemed to know about Tyler but not his last name. They also knew the type of car he drove, where he lived and the fact his uncle worked at the store. Another caller was in the store and was told by the dispatcher to "stay where you are and don't move" as Tyler's whereabout were unknown as police arrived.

Another woman was afraid that Tyler might "find me."

The dispatcher calmly asked questions of the callers of Tyler's whereabouts and his actions. She was taking questions at the same time from police on the way to the store.

Another man called from behind a nearby store. The dispatcher talked to the caller until a police officer found him. Other callers who made it away from the store were told to put their hands on their heads as they approached police.

Tyler fired 16 rounds that morning killing 18-year-old Cristina LoBrutto and 24-year-old Bryan Breen before taking his own life.

The store reopened exactly one week after the shooting.


Content is graphic and may be disturbing.

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