But I think it's ok...Our secrets aren't all shared.

Women & Co. and Real Simple have released results from their 2012 Women's Holiday Shopping Report, showing how women across the U.S. are doing their holiday shopping this year.

  • Only 11% of women say they start shopping on Black Friday. Instead, the majority are shopping early – with 41% starting their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving and 22% shopping all year long for the holidays.
  • The majority of women spend at least $700 on holiday expenses – between gifts (48% spend at least $500); travel (56% spend at least $100); food/entertainment (51% spend at least $100); holiday cards (73% spend $50 or less); charity (57% spend at least $50); and more.
  • While 60% say they have no regrets when it comes to holiday spending, 40% called themselves bargain-hunters who visit several retailers and clip coupons to get the best price. They are also looking for creative ways to prioritize and save.
  • When considering what aspect of holiday expenses they would prefer to cut back on the most, respondents say they would rather cut back on gift expenses than costs associated with cooking and entertaining – and 42% wish they could stop exchanging gifts with certain people.
  • Another 52% of women have started exchanging handmade gifts to cut down on costs, with baked goods being the most popular homemade present.
  • The majority of respondents say they buy gifts for at least 10 people, with 1 of 4 purchasing gifts for more than 15 people during the holiday season.
  • Of those who buy presents for their spouse, partner, children, parents, and in-laws, the majority spend at least $100 each on their gifts.
  • The majority of those who buy gifts for siblings, nieces, nephews, and other relatives spend $50 or less per person.
  • Of those who shop for friends, co-workers, pets, teachers, and child care providers, the majority spend less than $25 each.
  • 57% spend at least $50 or more on charity during the holidays; 13% say they spend $300 or more on charitable holiday donations.
  • Have fun shopping, I have to tell you....if you're anything like me, there's still some secrets we don't share when it comes to shopping!  Shhhh...