Small business men and women in New Jersey will be listening carefully today when the Governor delivers his address.

Mark Wilson, Getty Images

Jack Mazloom, of the State's Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business, says small business wants Governor Christie to stay strong in his effort to get Washington to fund Sandy rebuilding for small business, especially along the coast.

Mazloom says, "If they don't get help from the State and the Federal Government. If it doesn't come soon, they are in awfully big trouble."

But Mazloom says small business people also appreciate the role of Congress in eliminating wasteful spending.

Mary Lou Halverson, of the New Jersey Restaurant Association, says her part of the Jersey tourism industry wants to nudge the Governor and the media past the pictures and stories of Sandy devastation and advance to promoting the idea that the shore will be open for business.

She says, "Everyone know that tourism is the third-largest industry in the state of New Jersey."

And, even if you weren't directly affected by Sandy, Halverson warns everyone in the State what would happen if the tourism industry fails to bounce back.

"Without it, each individual taxpayer would have to pay an additional 14-hundred dollars in taxes."

She says it's a two-fold process. The Governor can help to get the restaurants and tourism industry restarted, and also help advance the idea that it will be back in time for next season.