The Mayor of Ocean Gate helps 6th graders prepare for their state knowledge and assessment test as part of 'Read Across America'.

Mayor Paul Kennedy read a short story to 6th grade teacher Donna Cogan's Class from the NJ ASK (Assessment of Skills and Knowledge) prep book at her request.

Cogan says, "We just thought it was fun to have him share the story with the kids. "A" it's a great story, I've always loved it the O Henry story and "B" it uses irony and it happened to be a lesson that I planned on teaching on "what is irony"?

Mayor Paul Kennedy said it was his 15th year participating in Read Across America. He says "if I can come in and read a story for testing. It's only going to help them overall to test better."

The entire school celebrated the week with special activities, dress-up days and invited guest. They culminated the week with crazy hats day.