We know that Ocean County has plenty of houses and businesses that are all decked out for the season with lights, inflatables, projectors and more, but what about the really clever and unique displays of holiday cheer?

Plenty of people put lots of time, energy, and creativity into putting their joy of the season on full display, but every now and then you'll pass a true gem like this one spotted just off Exit 77 of the Garden State Parkway on Double Trouble Road:

Tire Snowman outside EMR Recycling on Double Trouble Road (Townsquare Media Photo)

So now we need your help! Tell us where else we can find the most unique holiday decorations in Ocean County.

Heck, maybe it's at your home or business! Maybe it's somewhere that you pass every day but haven't had the chance to snap a photo yet.

Send them along and tell all of Ocean County where we can find some truly one of a kind decorations!

While you're in the spirit, be sure to vote for the best Christmas lights in Ocean County, and don't forget to vote for the best high school Christmas chorus, too!


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