My previous post addressed the reality that I stink at a lot of things.  I can't whistle or snap my fingers.  I'm clumsy and terrible at sports.  But I do have some skills.  You already know about my award-winning Chicken Dance moves!  We all have things we do well.  As the TV show title says, "America's Got Talent!"

What's your hidden gift?  Is there a skill you have that you don't get to use every day on the job?   Are you an accountant by day who sings in a band at weddings?  Are you a lawyer who does magic tricks at parties?  Can you juggle?  Twirl a baton?  Ride a unicycle?  Play an unusual instrument?

Let the bragging begin, Ocean County.  We spent some time this week thinking about poor Florence Foster Jenkins and her inability to sing.  Now I want us to share all of our abilities.  What's your special or hidden talent?