An Ocean County woman who won a $20.1 million New Jersey Lottery Pick-6 jackpot and 30 members of her family will be introduced this afternoon at a news conference at the Beachwood Community Center, according to Lottery Officials. 

Matthew White, Townsquare Media

The Asbury Park Press reports the woman plans on splitting her winnings with her 16 brothers and sisters, who range in ages from 53 to 76.  The woman also plans on sharing the jackpot with three children of a brother who died a few years ago.

Luck has been on the side of Ocean County, as this is the second major Lottery prize in the last 12 months. An $86 million Powerball jackpot last August was split among "Ocean's 16," the group of co-workers at the Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance Garage in Toms River.

The lucky ticket from the June 16 Pick-6 drawing was purchased at a Lacey Township 7-Eleven and was a $1 Quick Pick in which the numbers were randomly selected. The store owner, who also has locations in Toms River and Little Egg Harbor, told the Asbury Park Press he has had other Lottery winners in the last two years.

The winner of the $20.1 million jackpot has chosen a lump sum, which shrinks the prize to $14 million, and after taxes, the take home prize is about $10 million, according to Lottery officials.