This past weekend, a number of my relatives from Wisconsin were in town for a family wedding. We had some time to kill on Sunday and decided it would be fun to take them to the Seaside Heights boardwalk.

Remember, a few weeks ago when I asked where you take out of town visitors to show them Ocean County outside of the summer? Well, I guess we decided that the most unique place (and, for better or worse, the most famous right now) is one of our boardwalks.

My Aunt and Uncle are both from Wisconsin (as is my whole extended family), and ocean beaches just aren't something that they have in the Midwest. Sure, they have the Great Lakes, but let's be honest, there's just nothing like an oceanfront boardwalk and beach.

Here are a few pictures that my Uncle took:

I actually think that it was a perfect day to bring out of towners to Seaside. While it was cool and gray, they got to see that it's not all what you see on TV. There were a few surfers catching some pretty heavy waves, there were a couple families at the year-round arcades, and parking was easy and free. There were no fights, no drunken idiots, no crowds following camera crews around.

I asked recently whether "Jersey Shore" on MTV is good or bad for Ocean County, and the voting has been very close (only 8 votes separates "Good" and "Bad". You can still vote here if you haven't yet). My relatives were impressed by the length of the boardwalk and the variety of things to do, they enjoyed being able to walk on the beach without any crowds, and they took a lot of pictures to show off back home in Wisconsin.

On this day at least, I was proud to show off the famous, and yes sometimes infamous, Seaside Heights boardwalk.

If you haven't told us where you like to take out of town guests when they visit Ocean County, you can leave a comment below and feel free to go back to the previous post here and vote on the poll!