Meet the Ocean County Paranormal investigators:


  • Boni Bates

    Boni Bates, founder of Garden State Ghost Hunters, taught space science at a local high school, was an executive producer for a cable TV show as well as two live telethons. She's also worked as a private investigator as well as in the evidence department of Old Bridge Police.

    She is a certified paranormal investigator and a certified ghost hunter. She's had years of experience in the field.

  • Justin Louis

    Investigator / Audio Tech

    Justin considers himself an "open-minded" skeptic. He can be heard on WOBM weekday afternoons, from 3 to 8 p.m. and has been intrigued by the paranormal since a young age.

  • Keri Bates


    Keri started ghost hunting with her mother when she was young. She investigates, as well as teaches, the paranormal

  • Kat Bates


    Kat started ghost hunting when she was 10 years old. She says going on investigations as her mom's sidekick has opened her up to a world that has been left unspoken of because it's out of the norm.

  • Wehttam Bates


    Wehttam says he never experienced the paranormal, but became interested in his wife's investigations and started going along with her. He says the investigations have intrigued him and he is interested in helping her find answers to her quest.

  • Tim Bozarth

    Marketing Consultant / Investigator

    Tim says a close encounter with the paranormal turned him into a believer. He says he's skeptical of 90 percent of the paranormal evidence out there, which is why he's collecting his own.

  • Jeff Long

    Lead Investigator

    Jeff says he experienced his first paranormal encounter when he was 16. He hopes to learn as much as he can about the afterlife.

  • Lisa Long

    Lead Investigator

    Lisa has been searching for answers in the paranormal field for 23 years.

  • Kristine

    General Manager

    Kristine has been interested in the paranormal since she was little. Her enthusiasm for the unexplained is followed by her drive to answer questions that have been asked for years.