If you’re looking to knock off some fines for overdue books and want to help a worthy cause at the same time then head down to any one of Ocean County’s 21 library branches and donate to their Food For Fines program.

The program is a partnership between the County Library System and the Ocean County Board of Health, and will benefit the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean County. Donations will be accepted from July 9th to July 14th.

Anyone who donates will receive .50 cents in credit towards their fines, up to twenty dollars, for non perishable goods including canned food and packaged goods (pasta, rice, cereal, beans, etc).

If you are a responsible library patron and don’t have any fines, library director Susan Quinn says your generosity will still be appreciated.

”Please [bring it in] we’re happy to accept your donation.”

Food for fines has been successfully implemented at the Ocean County Library System in years past, in a near identical program in Monmouth County brought hundreds of pounds of much needed food to those who need it.

”Libraries are here for people throughout the course of their lives, in good times and in tough times.” Says Quinn

While we are used to seeing these kind of drives during the fall and winter months, Quinn reminds that hunger never takes a break and people’s generosity is needed especially during summer.

“Summer time is really a difficult time for donations and collections for the food bank and we are happy to help.”