The homeless situation in Ocean County hits another road block as officials have the boom lowered on them.  The Atlantic City Rescue Mission has said "no more" when it comes to helping them.

Although they only take in about 75 to 100 homeless people a year from our area, the Mission told the Ocean County Board of Social Services they now have to go elsewhere.  However, other counties and states are still permitted to send their homeless to them.  Ocean County Administrator Carl Block is scratching his head.

Block says "this whole thing makes no sense.  First of all, we don't send people to them unless all other options are examined first and secondly, if they're having trouble with capacity, why is Ocean County being singled out?"


Ocean County provides services and programs to those in need.  They take in over 3 thousand people a night and put them in places to stay.  The Atlantic City Rescue Mission was used as a last resort if the people couldn't be helped with what the County had to offer.  Block tells us "we are now going to have to examine other options and send these people to other missions like in Camden or in North Jersey."

According to a pie chart obtained by WOBM News, the percentage of the people sent to the rescue mission is about 4 percent, while other counties and states make up the bigger chunk.  States like New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and even Florida have and still send people to the facility.  Even Puerto Rico sent people over.

WOBM was not permitted to post the actual pie chart with this story.

A lawsuit continues between the mission and Ocean County.  The mission claims Ocean County failed to pay them for all the services they've provided - something officials in the county vehemently deny.