This is always fun!  I always do the "What's Your Elf Name" every year, but this is the first time I've seen it with dogs!

They're our best friends, family members and now your dog has an ELF name!

Your Dog's First Letter Of Their Name:

A.  Santa Paws

B.  Fido

C.  Papa

D.  Snowball

E.  Pixie

F.  Jingles

G.  Glitter

H.  Pepper

I.  Crinklenose

J.  Prancer

K.  Noel

L.  Buddy

M.  Tinsel

N.  Twinkle

O.  Crumpet

P.  Cocoa

Q.  Peppermint

R.  Eggnog

S.  Nipper

T.  Frosty

U.  Buttons

V.  Happy

W.  Chestnut

X.  Bells

Y.  Fruit Cake

Z.  Snowflake

Now the month your Dog was born?

January - Bojinglebells

February - The Wet Nosed Reign-Dog

March - McSlobbers

April - Mistlepaw

May - Fuzzy Feet

June - Canine Kringle

July - Pitter Paws

August - Tinsel Tail

September - Bumble Butt

October - Saint Lick

November - Sugarplum Furry

December - Chew Chew Train

So I have a Frosty Bojinglebells, Frost Saint Lick and a Crumpet Tinsel Tail.  I love my four-legged elves!

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media