We continue coverage of "Lauren's Story" and what a heartwarming event I attended this past weekend in Little Egg Harbor Twp.

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I was truly moved by the turnout Saturday ! By the end of the day it's possible nearly one thousand people came out on a snowy, damp, weekend day to help.  As I observed this Community coming together I couldn't help but think if this were my child and people took time like this to help I'd be truly moved. It was an unbelievable turnout.

The event was great, but Lauren still needs to find a bone marrow match in her battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia . At the "Swabbing" I found it so easy to do! Basically you get information from DKMS Volunteers, fill out your information to register and then get swabbed. Swabbing is just taking a "Q-Tip" and rubbing for 10-15 seconds inside each side of your cheek! It's that simple. Get registered today, because your efforts could help Lauren or someone anywhere throughout the nation.

We will keep you posted on "Lauren's Story" and keep her in our prayers as the search for a bone marrow donor match continues. Going back to Saturday, it was something to see "Community" coming together! In these days when quite often the news of the day is about horrible stories, events and people...It was uplifting to see the good in people and the true "human spirit" at work !

To become a donor please visit DKMS America's website

Listen To Event Organizer Anne Marie Galfo