Former representatives of Ocean County College's Adjunct Association are suing President Jon H. Larson, the union's new representatives and other administrators, according to the Asbury Park Press

The Kean-Ocean Gateway Building on Ocean County College's Upper Campus in Toms River (Ocean County College via Facebook)

The suit alleges OCC officials schemed to intimidate and silence the association by by taking control of the union and taking its member dues. Larson publicly has been accused of mismanaging school funds. He called the allegations in the suit completely without merit.

The Union's former leaders allege the process of electing new association representatives was done illegally and violates group bylaws on holding elections. The suit is seeking to have the former union leadership reinstated with control of the membership dues again.

The adjunct association was seeking a pay increase of similar earnings of Kean University's adjunct faculty, but contract negotiations fell through in early 2013. OCC shares campus space with Kean University at its Toms River campus. OCC's adjunct faculty contract expires in August. According to the Asbury Park Press, Larson said the association's requests were unreasonable.

After the failed contract negotiations, the former association leadership launched an investigation into spending by the college and harshly criticized Larson.

Larson told the Asbury Park Press the legal fight was between the prior and existing union leadership, and should not include the college.