Ocean County Supervising Assistant Prosecutor Anthony Pierro

Hard work and diligence shouldn't go unrecognized, especially when it comes to keeping your town safe. That's why Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato announced today the appointment of Supervising Assistant Prosecutor, Anthony Pierro to the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Advisory Committee.

"This committee is responsible for crafting and implementing major change in the Juvenile Justice system in our state and beyond New Jersey's borders," Prosecutor Coronato explained. Pierro is the only Assistant Prosecutor statewide to be currently appointed to this reputable obligation.


During his service with the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office over the past 15 years, Pierro's career has been filled with multiple contributions and accomplishments. Recently, Pierro coordinated effective Drug Forums throughout Ocean County to raise awareness of the county's heroin issue.


Pierro's juvenile expertise was acknowledged by a council comprised of members from a series of those involved in the Juvenile Justice System. "I can go on endlessly regarding his value and dedication to my office and the citizens we serve," Coronato said.


Juvenile conferences have been held exceeding the Ocean County area. Pierro's knowledge and experience has taken him to Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington DC where he spoke regarding the appropriate use of the Juvenile Justice System.


Today, Pierro has influenced and assisted many justice professionals as they shared their State models and strategies for creating an effective and efficient Juvenile Justice System. He is focused on preventing juvenile delinquency and expanding the availability of services for juveniles and their families.