Assembly Democrats have responded to the Christie Administration newest video today in which he pokes a stick at Democrats in the New Jersey Legislature. The Governor’s short “film” features clips of Governor Chris Christie during his recent town hall meetings across the state.

“Here’s the thing with Assembly Democrats: they’re obsessed with raising taxes,” Christie says in the video.

Most likely, the video is meant to make viewers side with Christie and his plan for 10% income tax cut across the board. Assembly Democrats have a plan they say can provide 20% property tax relief for those who need it most, but the plan includes a hike in the millionaire’s tax.

In the Democrats response video, Assembly Majority Leader Louis D. Greenwald (D-Camden) said Christie is correct. “I am obsessed with cutting the property tax burden. I wish the governor would share my obsession,” said Greenwald.

He says “the governor is out there telling half-truths is a suggestion to me that he knows he can’t defend his plan on the merits. So he’s throwing out numbers; he’s throwing out rhetoric, as opposed to really having a conversation around the facts.”

Greenwald repeated his challenge to debate property taxes during the NJTV program On the Record’ with Michael Aron. Christie during the most recent Ask The Governor turned down the opportunity and told host Eric Scott he would only debate during a campaign.

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Kevin McArdle & Dan Alexander contributed to this story.