President Barack Obama says officials from all levels of government will do everything they can to assess the damage from Hurricane Isaac and figure out how to help.

Obama visited the hurricane zone today, three days after Republican rival Mitt Romney looked over flooded homes and businesses in the area. Obama said federal officials would make sure they are “on the case very quickly” to assess what happened and how to respond.

Obama met with residents in hard-hit St. John the Baptist Parish, 30 miles outside of New Orleans.

The visit highlighted the differences between his view of the role of government and the view of Romney. Obama’s focus has been on what the government has done and can do to help people recover. Romney, during his Friday visit, spoke of the need for charitable donations.

As Obama flew to Louisiana, his spokesman said Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, had led an effort last year to reduce the money available for disaster relief.

An aide to Ryan responds that disaster aid should be part of a “fiscally responsible budget.”

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