A New York City 47-year-old who spent 18 years as a fugitive from justice in connection with an Atlantic City gunshot death in 1984 awaits sentencing following his manslaughter conviction in the fourth trial since his capture.

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Acting Atlantic City Prosecutor Jim McClain says that Brian Wilson is scheduled to be sentenced March 1 in Mays Landing for the September 14, 1984 death of Zebedee Newmones of Wilmington, Delaware on the corner of Arctic and Indiana Avenues.

Newmones was found with five .38-caliber bullets pumped into his face and shoulder, and according to investigators, into his back after he was already prone on the pavement. Investigators determined that Newmones bled to death.

Wilson became the object of a manhunt by city, Atlantic County, New Jersey and federal investigators after the warrant for his arrest was issued in 1985. He became, says McClain, one of the earliest postings in New Jersey's 12 Most Wanted list. He was apprehended in New York City in 2002, living under the alias Paul McKnight.

Wilson's first trial in 2004 ended in a hung jury. His second ended in a mistrial. In earlay 2006, Wilson was convicted and sentenced to 65 years in prison with a minimum of 30 years before parole consideration, a decision he successfully appealed in 2009.

A second defendant, William Parker, 49, also of New York City, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in 2006 while behind bars on an unrelated conviction, said McClain.