It is the final Monday of January which in itself is something to be optimistic about.

Generally considered the worst month of the winter for cold and snow we have not had much of either and the extended forecast shows no indication that we’re about to get any kind of major snowstorm or brutal cold spell.  Now that’s something most of us will gladly take.

Maksmymilian Gruszecki will gladly take what’s come his way in the last few days.  The Central Regional basketball standout scored 26 points during a win over Ridge Saturday as part of the Winter Showtime Hoops Classic at the Pine Belt Arena. Maks was the game MVP and received a beautiful trophy donated by Ocean Trophies of Lanoka Harbor as did the other game MVP’s including Toms River North’s Jaden Rhoden and Jack Goodall of Toms River East.

Back to Gruszecki. He is this week’s WOBM/Gateway Toyota Student of the Week, an honor roll student looking at schools like Princeton, NJIT, Stevens, Seton Hall and Rutgers.  Just as importantly he draws rave reviews from teachers and coaches as a leader and role model.

The theme song for the 2017 Australian Open should have been “Everything Old is New Again," the Peter Allen song from the mid-70s. The grand slam tennis tournament in Melbourne turned the clock back over the weekend when a pair of 35-year olds won singles titles.

Roger Federer followed Serena Williams’ victory in the women’s final by outlasting longtime rival Rafael Nadal for the men’s championship on Sunday.  The 16-hour time difference meant that most were sleeping when the two championship matches were played but it was exhilarating tennis and in a sport where most reach their peak in their early and mid-20’s it was truly great to see.