A Plumsted Committeeman is against an ordinance that would ban Medical Marijuana from being grown in the Township. Committeeman Jack Trotta says even though Medical Marijuana is against Federal Law, we already have a State Law that says it's acceptable and the U.S. Attorney General says they won't be prosecuting people who follow State Law.

"What our State Law says it is for the seriously ill, the terminally ill, lets be compassionate and give them something to get them out of their pain."

Towns in rural Western Ocean and Monmouth Counties with little to no Police presence expressed concern that security measures specified for New Jersey's Medicinal Marijuana Law were insufficient for Marijuana Cultivation Centers. However, Trotta says instead approving an ordinance prohibiting local land-use board's from considering applications that violate Federal Law, We should be working toward strengthening New Jersey's Medical Marijuana Law.

State Assemblyman and Plumsted Mayor Ron Dancer has introduced a bill (A-4411) that amends the law providing any municipality with the statutory authority to require safety measures and standards beyond with the current law requires. However, Trotta says the law also includes the provision that the business could not violate Federal Law and would essentially void New Jersey's Medical Marijuana Law.

He says the Plumsted Township Committee will be voting on the ordinance on Wednesday December 28th at 7 o'clock during a special meeting.