I’m not going to be a pleasant person to be around today…especially later in the day when exhaustion takes over. 

Fell asleep watching TV last night around 8:30 but I woke up three hours later and could not get back to sleep…ended up watching ESPN and the Food Network until I left for work. So I’ve been up since 11:30 which makes me a bit grumpy.  With that said there are some things on my mind which I simply can’t accept:








  • Drivers who refuse to use their turn signals.
  • People who think the cast of “Jersey Shore” are pretty much like most of the residents of the Jersey Shore.
  • Those who feel the need to change their profile picture on Facebook about as often as their underwear.
  • Those who use Facebook to announce every insipid and meaningless moment in their life.
  • Employees of drive-thru food and beverage places who forget to put napkins in your bag and then when you ask for them seem bothered by the request.


  • Those who express sorrow for the kids playing in the Little League World Series because they did not really have a summer vacation.  Really…playing baseball with some of your best friends, living in dorms, meeting kids from all over the world.  Yeah that really sucks!
  • The blatant disregard for Yield signs which I guess in some language translates to “speed up.”
  • The Mets are likely headed to another last place finish in the National League East.
  • My Jersey Cash 5 numbers have not yet come in.
  • I can’t count onions, peppers and tomatoes on pizza as my daily dose of vegetables.
  • People who are miserable all the time.
  • People who are happy and smiling all the time.


  • That summer is all but over.