A shore area nonprofit is partnering with the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office in the battle against drug addiction.

Ocean Cares President John Tweed and Dianne DeOliveira, Townsquare Media Photo

On WOBM-AM's Townsquare Tonight, Ocean Cares Foundation President John Tweed, says they're hoping to help Prosecutor Joe Coronato, with his efforts to reach adults and parents with its youth intervention message.

"The end of this month I'm going to be meeting with Joe Coronato and he is putting together a program what he want to see get out there. We want to really be consistent with his program because we want to be consistent with that message no matter who's delivering it," explained Tweed.

Tweed says they're learning that there's a need to reach younger age groups. "One of the things that we found out is that the middle school student is already been corrupted. You've really got to get down to the elementary level," said Tweed.

He said part of their efforts will consist of reaching out to parents through their places of worship, at local school boards and community service organizations. Tweed said he believes that the more parents hear about the need to really talk to their kids about avoiding drugs, the better chance they have of parents taking action.

According to Tweed, the Ocean Cares Foundation began in 2011 to be a supportive arm to Ocean Mental Health Services.

He said they receive funding from federal and state sources but a good deal of their funding comes from donations. They're hosting two major fund raisers this year. They have a Spring gift auction coming up at the Clarion Inn on April 7th at 7 p.m. They're also hosting an event on the Seaside Park boardwalk on May 31st. They have their 5k walk run "The Race for Respect"

For more information go to their website oceancares.org

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