There is no validity to rumors that non-union crews were denied permission to help restore power, says Jersey Central Power and Light.

JCP&L spokesman Ron Morano says the rumors that claimed crews from Alabama were denied entry to help Seaside Heights because of non union affiliation are completely unfounded. He says the utility has not turned away any crews, in fact they worked with their union to allow non union crews to help in the time of crisis.

"Everyone understands that this is an all hands on deck event, and everyone is working together to get customers restored to service as quickly and safely as possible."

JCP&L Addresses Non Union Rumors

Morano also addressed concerns that crews have been spotted not at work. He says if some one believes crews aren't doing their job to contact JCP&L, however he notes the crews do go to staging sites for several hours, where they are given work orders.

"The staging sites are set up so that we can bring them in, they work there sixteen hours, they enable us to feed them, wash their clothes, and get their equipment."

Morano says if residents want to help get power back as quickly as possible, the best thing they can do is let the crews do their job.

"I know a lot of people get frustrated when they see a crew and they say hey why don't you come over to my street. Let the crew do what they're out there to do. They're working to try and get the power restored to the customers."