A Neptune based charity is creating a novel way of helping feed the nations hungry, by asking people to donate non perishables from their pantries as they’re moving out.

Adam Lowy & Elyse Langsett (Townsquare Media New Jersey)

Move for Hunger Founder and Executive Director Adam Lowy says the idea was born from his father’s moving company, when he noticed how much food was being thrown out.

“People are moving every single day and just leaving perfectly good non perishable unopened food in their pantries, or they were throwing it away, which is even worse. So we figured there was an incredible opportunity to collect this food and get it to a family in need rather than seeing it end up in the trash.”

Since the organizations inception, Lowy says they’ve grown to work with five hundred movers across forty seven states, delivering over two million pounds of food to food banks and individuals in need.

He notes even if people aren’t moving they can still help feed the hungry.

“You can volunteer at an event, you can set up a food drive and we’ll provide the boxes flyers and truck to pick everything up. In addition, you can set up a fundraiser so we can create more programs and educate more people.”