The new digital age of broadcast television opens endless possibilities of visual entertainment and information but many studios operated by nonprofit organizations are having difficulty upgrading their equipment because of the expense.

Members of SCAN ask for donations (YouTube)

Eatontown-based SCAN Adult Education Resource Center, located in the basement of the Monmouth Mall, has a three-camera studio on-site to produce its community affairs programs. Scan Executive Director Pat Bohse said some of their most popular shows are aimed at helping Sandy victims, seniors and the homebound.

"In this economic condition, I'm trying to get out the word, working with the Foodbank and community partners to make sure that if people are eligible for programs that we get them into them so that they can save some of their resources for their day to day expenses," said Bohse.

Problem is, the analogue equipment they have in its studio is no longer FCC approved. "So what we have to do is once we do the taping, especially to go on Youtube, we have to then go and have all of our shows converted. So it's an expense and it's time," explained Bohse.

Bohse said their programs air monthly on Comcast, Cablevision and Fios and they also feature programs on their Youtube channel that can be accessed 24/7. This year, Bohse said they've changed the name and focus of its Safety Links series dedicated to Superstorm recovery to Community Connection and gearing to inform people about community programs in Ocean and Monmouth counties.

"We're highlighting all not for profits in both counties in our show time to really promote what they do and tell the world," explained Bohse.

They're hoping to raise $25,000 through the crowdfunding platform Donations can also be made to the:


SCAN Adult Education Resource Center

Monmouth Mall - Basement Level

180 Highway 35 south, Eatontown, NJ 07764.


The can also be contacted via telephone: 732-542-1326 or at their website