No snow this school year, so the kids will get out early in June, right? Not so fast! There were still a lot of variations on the calendar, depending on where you are.

Frank Beluscio of the New Jersey School Boards Association says he cannot think of a single district that took a snow day in January or February. And he says although many districts build 2 or 3 snow days into their school year the calendar is always a very local determination in New Jersey.

Beluscio says if you look at the communities where there’s a history of flooding…those along the Raritan River, the Rahway River and other places in the state, the Passaic River basin…you will find districts where one or more schools had to close and in some cases there were extended closings because of damage to the buildings.

And Beluscio says there was that freak storm in the fall. He says this school year was markedly different than previous years. But he says one of the differences also was the October snowstorm.

Throw into the mix the collective bargaining agreement because they do negotiate a certain number of work days with their teachers…for each year…184 for example, or 185 or 186 days. Those are the most common. And if there were, just say, 190 days built into the calendar and they haven’t used up all of those days, they may have to decide not to open school on those days because simply they could not require the teachers to work.

Beluscio says they also consider graduation ceremonies and other year-end activities in determining how many days the schools will be open.