We have created special days for just about everyone as it always seems like there is a reason to buy someone a card and flowers. 

(L-R) Kevin's son Brandon, wife Jane and daughter Alex (Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

Monday was National Teacher’s Day and this is Nurse’s Week and while they are truly deserving of recognition what stands out this week is Mother’s Day which of course is Sunday.

Of all the days noted on the calendar as being somewhat special this is the one truly worthy of acknowledgment and celebration. Of course for many it’s a time to reflect on what they have lost.

Think about it. When we were young we’d make a card in school or some special hand-made present which we would give with a big smile on our face.  Then as we got older it was time to spend a few bucks and buy flowers or candy.  Of course we usually had to hit up Dad to help as we never had quite enough money.  The years go by and you get married and inherit a Mother-in-Law and once you have children the day goes into a totally different level.

I consider myself truly lucky in that I still have my Mom in my life.  Felice Williams has been blessed with good health, remains a passionate sports fan and is as much a friend as a mother.  I’m a double-winner in that I have a great relationship with my Mother-in-Law Jill Viggiano who treats me like the son she never had. Of course she has three daughters so I am clearly a breath of fresh air.

However the real lucky ones are my children who have a truly fantastic mother which I know they realize but sometimes take for granted.  Jane has been the backbone of our family and like many of you moms has had to juggle two careers: one in education and one at home.  Both are full-time jobs and I do marvel at how she and other moms manage to get it all done.

But they do which is why Mother’s Day is so special and deserving of a prominent spot on the calendar and even more a place in our hearts.

On a totally unrelated note I would be remiss if I did not offer my congratulations to Toms River East baseball coach Bill Frank, who last night collected his 500th career win as the Raiders blanked Jackson Liberty.  Among the first to greet him after the game was older brother Ken, the winningest coach in New Jersey history.

The Frank Brothers have produced 1286 career victories, many witnessed by their mother Julia.