The driver who was reported to Sea Girt police as suspicious by a wary 12-year-old girl on September 19 is given a clean slate after speaking with investigators.

A probe had been ongoing to find a driver suspected of following children in a neighborhood of the borough.

Police say they closed the case after tracking down the car and driver Friday. They determined that he was delivering food to a resident on Ocean Avenue, and that the behavior that aroused her suspicions was a misunderstanding.

In a message, acting Chief Kevin Davenport underscored that it's "important to understand that this child did the right thing by running and calling for help once she felt her safety was in question."

He also acknowledged the help of private citizens, noting that he fielded an abundance of calls from inside and outside the borough. "I am happy to report," he continued, "that we had a lot of help from the public instead of panic which helped us in closing this incident out."