It'll take a little longer than expected for New Jersey Natural Gas to complete reintroduction of fuel to the critically storm-wracked stretch of the northern barrier island. But, apparently, not that much longer.

A New Jersey Natural Gas truck refuels.

Sections of the strip of land belonging to Toms River and Seaside Heights were off-limits to everyone but authorized personnel for the past several days during recharging and repressurization.

A statement from the company today indicates "anomalies" that crews encountered in the system that serves neighborhoods from Sampson Avenue in Seaside Heights to J Street in Seaside Park. If work can be completed there today, then fuel will be re-introduced to the final swath on the Seaside peninsula from First Street to 24th Avenue in Seaside Park on Saturday. At that point, traffic flow can resume.

The company says that natural gas readings are back on meters in 3,355 homes. They've logged 1,410 rebuilt meters in Lavallette and Normandy Beach, and expect to stay at it in Lavallette through Sunday.

The schedule for anticipated completion of meter rebuilding, section-by-section, is as follows:

  • Today: Ninth Avenue, Normandy Beach, to Joseph Street, Lavallette
  • Sunday 12/16: Rutherford Lane to Trenton Avenue, Lavallette
  • Monday 12/17: First Avenue, Ortley Beach, to Hiering Avenue, Seaside Heights
  • Wednesday 12/19: Sampson Avenue, Seaside Heights, to J Street, Seaside Park, including Pelican Island
  • Sat 12/22: First Street to 24th Avenue, Seaside Park
  • Sun 12/30: All larger-than-residential meters and multi-meter arrangements

Meter rebuilding schedule updates will be posted at