Governor Chris Christie believes the decision of whether shore towns want to rebuild or retreat should fall on the municipalities and homeowners rather than the government.

Jersey Shore Communities Continue Recovery Efforts From Superstorm Sandy (Mark Wilson, Getty Images)

"Is it on the table, yes in a broad way it's on the table but I want those decisions made not by the state government sitting in Trenton but in conjunction with local officials."

Speaking in Belmar Wednesday, the Governor addressed questions about whether flood prone land should be left undeveloped moving forward.

Christie says he first the information from the FEMA flood maps must be analyzed. The Governor wants to create a set of baseline regulations at the state level about rebuilding, however he wants each municipality to work within those regulations to make the best decision for them to retain their individual character.

"I don't want us to have a homogenized Jersey Shore, I think that would be tragic if that's where we end up. So I'm not looking to impose a one size fits all on everybody."

Adding, it's also important to consider input from individual landowners and property owners who have a say in whether they want to stay or sell.