New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa says a civilian state police employee posed as an inspector to coerce two South Carolina men into giving her a generator they were selling in the days after Superstorm Sandy.Chiesa says Marcella Friedman faces a theft by deception charge.


Marcella Friedman (NJ Office Of The Attorney General)

The 49-yeat-old Oaklyn resident allegedly confronted the men as they sold generators at a roadside location in Burlington County. Friedman, who is communications systems technician, was wearing a field jacket with the state police logo and carrying a handheld police radio.

Friedman allegedly threatened to fine the men and confiscate their merchandise, but said they could continue selling generators if they gave her one for free, which they did.

“It’s unconscionable that anyone would use their employment with a law enforcement agency or the trappings of that agency to unlawfully obtain a benefit, as alleged here,” said  Chiesa.  “We will not tolerate this type of misconduct, which has the potential to undermine public trust in law enforcement. The State Police swiftly investigated and uncovered this alleged conduct.”

Friedman gave the generator to a relative, who sold it to an unknowing third party.