I've touched on regional food specialties before, and I think that one food that we take a little for granted here in New Jersey is pizza. Here, let me give a little backstory and explain what I mean...

In addition to growing up right here in The Garden State, I've lived in a number of different places throughout my life. It wasn't until I went to Connecticut for college that I really thought about pizza. I do have to point out that New Haven, CT is famous in their own right for their unique style of pizza, but there's just nothing like our own New Jersey pizza (notice what leads this poll on our favorite boardwalk treats??).

It really hit me when I finished college and moved to northern CT...when I wanted pizza I had two options, Domino's, or Pizza Hut. That was it. No amazing, family owned local pizzerias, no boardwalk pies, just mass produced, "every pie is the same", cardboard. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the chains (especially if they happen to be advertising with us at the moment...love you guys, mean it!), but it's just not the same.

Now that I've been back in Jersey for a few years, I honestly feel a little guilty when I'm somewhere and someone orders a pizza from a national chain. There are just so many great options locally (do yourself a favor and check out the buffalo chicken pizza at Floyd's on 37 in Toms River).

So while you think about your favorite local pizza joint, check out this hilarious video of a Domino's delivery scooter in The Netherlands...I don't think this guy would last 10 minutes driving down the Boulevard in Seaside Heights before someone went nuts on him:



Now that you've had a laugh, feel free to comment and tell us what your favorite local pizza joint here at the Jersey shore is!