New Jersey Natural Gas is hoping more of its customers will begin taking advantage of its SaveGreen Project.

Ann Marie Peracchio, Director of Conservation and Green Policy says the project offers over $19 million dollars in incentives and rebates for customers who make energy-efficiency improvements.

She says for residential customers, "We actually have a great feature which is actually an on-bill repayment program, where it helps customers if they're making more significant investments where they can pay back the cost of that project over their bill." Peracchio says they're also offering an enhanced $900 rebate for the purchase and installation of a qualified high-efficiency heating system.

She says they've also partnered with the State's program called "Home performance with Energy Star which starts with an audit to give a comprehensive view of what makes sense for your house and might include new high efficiency furnace or boiler. Air conditioning systems could come into that. She also says "a great opportunity to save is what they call Seal-Up within the home, which is using kind of a technical basis to find out all the spots where your house might be leaking energy to really seal it up."

Peracchio says Business and Government customers work with a different set of programs. "For that, we primarily promote the programs the New Jersey Clean Energy Program offers but they recently adjusted some of the programs to have even more generous incentives and higher rebate levels."

The Utility is hosting a seminar for Comercial Customers on March 23rd in partnership with the Monmouth Ocean Development Council. The seminar will run from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. at New Jersey Natural Gas facility at 1415 Wyckoff Road in Wall For more information go to

She says NJNG customers can find out more information on the SaveGreen Project as receive a news letter and get low and no cost ways to save energy at their Web Site