There are about 22,000 unemployed veterans in New Jersey. The state Department of Labor is focused on helping those brave men and women who return home from the military find work.

Markus Leiminger, Getty Images

From training programs to job fairs, state Labor Commissioner Hal Wirths says they are involved in helping businesses hiring veterans.

"We have over fifty full-time employees that day in and day out do nothing but work on getting veterans back into employment."

He said those employees are veterans themselves so they understand firsthand the difficulty in getting a job once they return home.

"We have one-stop career centers where vets can walk in and get help."

He says the best place for veterans to start is the website.

"And we have a special button on there for veterans to click on to find out about all the jobs and opportunities that we have in the state."

According to the latest U.S. Census, there were about 430,000 veterans in New Jersey last year.