One fact that we can't really argue about - Americans as a whole are more unhealthy than ever. But when you go state by state, does it surprise you where New Jersey ranks?

My co-worker Kim forwarded me this article that ranks our home state in the top 10 of the healthiest states.

We were both a little surprised, in fact, that the state that brought us pork roll and disco fries actually comes in at #8, a nice improvement over 2011, when we ranked #17.

By the way, #1 on the list is Vermont, although apparently they have "a moderate prevalence of binge drinking". But let's be honest, what else is there to do in Vermont anyway?

I kid, Vermonters! I kid!

So do you lead a healthier lifestyle than this time last year? Do you think we deserve a top 10 rank or do you think we should be higher or lower? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!