If you're running from the law, perhaps this is the time to turn yourself in.

NJ Parole Board Chairman Jim Plousis during Fugitive Safe Surrender kickoff. (Photo by David Matthau, Townsquare Media)

The Fugitive Safe Surrender program takes place until the end of the day Saturday at the Jersey City Armory.

"It's not an amnesty, but you will get favorable consideration when you come in. If you have a traffic, criminal or child support warrant, this is an opportunity to get a second chance in the criminal justice system, " said the Chairman of the New Jersey Parole Board, Jim Plousis.

He said a very small number of people who show up are hardened criminals, and they will be taken into custody.

"But the vast majority are people that are confused with the system and have traffic summonses, as well as child support warrants, as well as ATS warrants, which are misdemeanor warrants," Plousis said.

Plousis also stressed the average person in line will have 4 warrants, so there is a little of confusion about where do you go to get a traffic warrant resolved or where do you go to get an ACS warrant resolved.

Fugitive Safe Surrender program in Jersey City (Photo by David Matthau, Townsquare Media)

"No matter what type of warrant you have, we have all those judges here, and our municipal judges have statewide jurisdiction. So if you have a traffic ticket in Wildwood, New Jersey and one in Newark, you'll be able to get both of them resolved here," he explained.

He added when people come in they get favorable consideration from the court.

"That's been a true and tested process in the criminal justice system - that if you admit guilt, you get favorable consideration. The judges here do consider you're coming in of your own volition, you're saving law enforcement time."

Plousis said that it's a community safety issue as well, since they are not going after you, chasing you.

This is the fifth Fugitive Safe Surrender program in New Jersey in the past five years.