It's not uncommon to travel throughout Ocean County and see multiple generations of a family spending time together. In fact, in New Jersey and New York, adults live closer to their parents than only one other area of the country.

According to the New York Times, people in NJ and NY typically live only 8 miles away from their parents.

According to the study that the Times discusses, the only area of the country where people live closer to their parents is Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee, at an average distance of 6 miles from their extended families.

The plains and Southwest had the most distance, at 44 miles on average.

The study shows that, on average, the typical American lives only 18 miles away from their parents. It's a pretty interesting study and worth reading more about, which you can do by clicking here.

How far do you live from your parents? Do you fall within the average? Comment below and let us know!


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