Your electric bill might be lower next summer as Governor Christie announces recent federal approval of three new natural gas plants in the state.

Christie says New Jersey doesn’t have enough generation, especially during the hot summer months, to support our state, leading to costly off the grid purchases from neighboring states.

“It took a long time, but we got federal approval from regulators to build three new natural gas fired plants…one in West Deptford, one in Woodbridge and one in Newark” the governor told an overflow crowd during a town hall in Manasquan.

The governor says the new plants will lower electric prices in a big way.

“One way is because electricity will be home grown and we won’t have to pay for costly purchases off the grid anymore…and the other is because of the abundance of natural gas in Pennsylvania and now here, gas prices will also drop.”

Christie says the facilities will also create hundreds of new manufacturing and construction jobs.

“Its a win-win for the state, more people will go back to work and we are lowering the price of electricity in our state and making it more competitive.”

Construction is expected to start this fall.