A professional BMX biker from Jackson is recovering from a critical head injury suffered in Las Vegas during a film session.

According to Road 2 Recovery, Scotty Cranmer, 29 caught the front wheel of his bike in a hole sending him over the handlebars and into to face plant before he could put his arms out in front of him to break his fall.

Cranmer, a graduate of Jackson Memorial High School, injured his C4 and C5 vertebrae and suffered facial fractures and a cerebral hemorrhage according to the group, which said they flew his wife Lisa and father Scott to Las Vegas.

"Multiple surgeries are in his future and the past few hours has resulted in the doctors calling him stable and strong for surgery on his vertebrae," according to the site.

Road 2 Recovery is an organization that assists professional AMA licensed professional motocross/supercross members when they suffer serious injuries.

Scotty Cranmer in 2007 (Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images for American Express)

"They are several steps ahead on what we need to do to help Scotty. This would be an even more difficult time without them. Thankfully things are a world of difference since yesterday and we are pleased with his progress," Cranmer's father Scott said.

On Scotty's Facebook page, his wife Lisa said that "anyone who has met Scotty knows he is a fighter. He is determined to get through this. He's surrounded by love, light and positivity. He is one in a million. We're in this together. Always, all ways."

Jackson Memorial Principal Kevin DiEugenio had Cranmer as a student in the late 1990s remembers and remembers him being into skateboarding at a time when it was not a mainstream activity.

"As a history student he wrote essays about equal rights for borders. He was a neat kid and obviously into that whole BMX and skateboarding thing," DiEugenio said. "He was very flamboyant in the things that he wore but was an interesting kid who had a lot going for him. I am sorry to hear this. He's a Jackson kid and we rally around our own."

Scotty owns the  SC Action Sports bicycle shop in Howell in Howell. According to the store's website, Scotty has been to the shop's website  Cranmer has been to the X-Games 13 times and won nine medals and is a three-time X-Games BMX park gold medalist.

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