Our first day of temperatures exceeding 90 degrees in 2013 immediately draws a request from New Jersey American Water for alternate-day outdoor watering schedules among its customers.

Townsquare Media NJ

In a prepared statement, Vice President of Operations Steve Schmitt noted that the amount of water available to Monmouth County hasn't changed in a century, while the population has mushroomed from 8,000 to 800,000.

"Practicing odd/even watering will help us manage a finite supply of water, yet our customers will still be able to maintain their lawns and vegetation, and New Jersey American Water can continue to provide reliable fire service for the communities we serve," Schmitt said.

People with odd-numbered street addresses are being asked to conduct lawn watering and other outdoor uses on odd-numbered days of the month. Folks living in homes with even-numbered addresses get the even-numbered days.

There are exceptions. New sod, or seeded areas that require daily watering are exempt. However, if you're only now thinking about it, the company is asking you to wait until fall. Private wells can be used for irrigation. The policy also excludes nurseries, farm stands, power washing, plumbing, athletic fields and car washes.