Before the summer heat, Monmouth County residents are being advised to conserve water now.


New Jersey American Water Spokesman Peter Eschbach says today's population of over 600-thousand, combined with summer visitors, lack of rain and high temperatures can place a strain on the water supply that can endanger the public.

"If we exceed how much water we've got, than that means if your house is on fire, the fire company shows up, they don't have the adequate pressure and flow to put it out"

Eschbach says the reasons for the shortages are simple. Monmouth County has more than doubled its population since the 1950's and along with that, its demand for the precious resource but the amount of water hasn't increased. He says we have the same amount of water available that we had in the 1950's. It hasn't increased.

Eschbach advises residents to check for leaks with a free kit they offer, reduce time in the shower, use low-flow toilets and shower heads and limit lawn watering to just a few days a week. "Generally, lawns don't need to be over watered. In fact it's bad for them. So, you can irrigate your lawn no more than every other day. Your lawn will be fine. In fact in some case, like this time of year it needs less than that."

For more detailed resources on smart irrigation practices, water usage and other water conservation tips, visit New Jersey American Water Company or Rutgers Cooperative Extension and Research.