Sleep is a wonderful thing and rarely do I have a problem falling asleep. It’s getting it that often is challenging. 

So after a long day I went home last night knowing I would have a tough time staying up for the NFL season opener between the Giants and Cowboys.  That’s exactly what happened as I dozed off on the couch before the opening kickoff only to wake up in the 3rd quarter.

What I should have done at the time is crawl into bed but instead I decided to watch the game for a while.  I ended up watching it until the end and then could not fall asleep.  After tossing and turning it was back on the couch to watch “Jerry Maguire” but sleep just escaped me.  I realized it was a losing battle so I jumped into the shower and came in to work at 1:30 this morning.

Only problem is this will be a really long day as tonight marks the season debut of The Barnabas Health High School Football Show.  We’ll be at The Water Street Grill for a live broadcast beginning at 7pm which will air on our sister station 105.7 The Hawk  and at  Reporters Scott Stump and Steve Falk join Ed Sarluca and me as we preview the upcoming season of Shore Conference football.  That is if I don’t fall asleep.

I know there are avid tennis fans but as hard as I’ve tried I just can’t get into the U.S. Open like I used to.  In the late 70’s and 80’s I was a huge tennis fan and loved the battles featuring the likes of Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, Ivan Lendl and my favorite Jimmy Connors.

The contrast in personalities and styles made for some great tennis and while there are still truly great players it’s just not the same now.  Part of that has to do with the state of men’s tennis in the United States which is pretty dismal.  The best known American player was Andy Roddick who is now in retirement and top ranked is John Isner who you’ve never heard of.

Its last call for the 7th Annual AMC Golf Outing to benefit the Central Jersey Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  The event is set for Tuesday, September 18th at Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune with lunch before the 1:30 shotgun start and dinner afterwards.


There is still room for golfers and for information visit the outings web page at