RA Dickey is having a fantastic season with the Mets, but now he's trying something different !

RA Dickey is approaching his 20th win for the Mets, first since 1989 ( Frank Viola ) .... But now he's getting into something completely different.

New York Mets starting pitcher R.A. Dickey has a deal with Dial Books for Younger Readers for three books, the publisher announced. The books will include a children’s version of his memoir “Wherever I Wind Up,” scheduled for next fall. He also plans two picture books, one of them called “Knuckleball Ned.” Dickey himself specializes in throwing knuckleballs.

Dickey is a "shining star" this year for the Mets and hopefully he will hit the 20 win mark before the end of the season! He was also named to this years All-Star team so its been a wonderful year ... Congrats RA !