Giants products

With the New York Giants heading to Super Bowl XLVI, fans will no doubt be clamoring to get their hands on just about anything Giants-related. We scoured the internet and came up with a list of some of the funniest, craziest and most odd Giants-branded items for all of the True Blue fans out there!

We're not sure if this is approved by the American Dental Association, but what Giants wouldn't want to start their day off by brushing their teeth with a piece of Giants memorabilia?

Some Giants fans can't even wait until after breakfast to show their team pride. For them, there's this toaster. If there's better way to support the G-Men besides burning their logo into a piece of bread, we haven't seen it.

We think the jersey and helmet are a great look for this toy box classic. After the Giants stomp the Patriots, make sure to get a championship trophy to go in his other hand!

You're about to sign a major client. You want them to know you're a savvy business professional, but you always want them to know you're a diehard Giants fan. Now you can do both with this sharp executive pen!

Here's an item that appeals to a interesting demographic– gardening enthusiasts who also support the Giants. This little guy can keep watch over your garden while you watch Big Blue!

If you're going to cooking on game day, this is a must have. Spilling buffalo wing sauce on your Giants jersey is an absolute no-no. Protect your gear while still showing your pride.

It's one thing to have a sticker on the back of your car, but being a Giants fan can also extend to your vehicle's interior. For motorists looking to take their fandom to the next level, here are the floormats for you!

Unfortunately, you can't cuddle up with your favorite Giant every night. Those looking for the next best thing should consider taking this Giants body pillow to bed with them.

Who's that driving in the next lane? Victor Cruz? Hakeem Nix? You'll have passing motorists fooled with this one. Imagine your driveway as the endzone when you've got this magnet stuck to your driver's side door.

What's better than a grilled cheese sandwich? How about a grilled cheese sandwich emblazoned with a New York Giants logo? This sandwich press would be the perfect companion for tailgating outside MetLife Stadium, assuming you have access to an outlet!