The way in which car buyers temporarily tag their newly leased or purchased vehicles changed dramatically today as the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission announced the introduction of the eTemp Tag System.

Up till now, you go to a dealership to get a car and they stick the temporary plate, or a piece of paper, in the back window.  Most vehicles nowadays have tinted rear windows making it difficult for police to see.  This has long been a hazard.  The new eTemp tags go in the spot where regular plates go and best of all, you can get them right in the dealership.


MVC Chairman and Chief Administrator Raymond Martinez was on hand at a press conference outside the Lester Glenn Chrysler Dealership on Route 37 in Toms River this morning.  He says “by giving officers the ability to run temporary plates quick and easily, they will be safer and it will also help to reduce fraud and theft.  These plates are much harder to counterfeit as opposed to the old ones.”

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