This summer will see a brand new welcome for visitors to the Jersey Shore.

Atty. Jay Grunin shows off plans for a new sculpture in Toms River

Toms River attorney and philanthropist Jay Grunin is funding a monument by Master Sculptor Brian Hanlon to be placed at the corner of Routes 37 and 166.  Grunin says the township has owned the property for about a year, but didn't have any plans for it until he came along.  He calls the monument a case of perfect timing.

"This is really a post-Sandy sculpture exhibit," Grunin said.  "And it is for the people of Ocean County, they've had a rough, rough time."

Master Sculptor and Toms River native Brian Hanlon says he hopes to see more installations like this in the future.

"I get to travel the whole country and see these interesting cities that have taken corridors like 37 and put sculpture all the way up to the beach," Hanlon said.  "Maybe this is the start of something we can do here."

The sculpture is scheduled to be in place by July.