Those scammers are at it again, targeting senior citizens.  This time?  It's health and medical insurance schemes.  Officials and authorities in Ocean County are warning everyone to be extra careful.

The phone rings and its someone claiming to be from an insurance company.  They say they need to update your medical card, but first need your account number and banking information.  Red flag!  Don't give them any information.  These scammers are going for all of your money and some are even after your identification.

Sergeant Cindy Boyd at the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office says "we have seen a number of instances of these in the past few months.  Only one person was duped out of money and we are now working to help her get it back with the bank.  These calls can be scary because they go after vital services the older adult needs."

Some of the calls that have been going around make it sound like you'll save a lot of money if you sign up or switch to their particular insurance.  Boyd adds "that's where problems begin because many times, they are phony.  Once they get the personal information from you, they can clean you out and even cancel your existing health insurance plans."

Boyd applauds many Ocean County seniors for not falling for the scheme and calling authorities when they get a strange call.  Some of the calls have even been threatening.

If you receive any call, be sure to let the Prosecutor's Office know. They can be reached at (732) 929-2027