Every now and then an internet scam pops up that seems like it could be legit and people get pulled into it. Just today a new one is spreading around.

Many people, myself included, received emails apparently from the Better Business Bureau, saying that a complaint has been filed against you and that your response is required.

When you look at the email address it's from it seems legit enough. There are no specific red flags that pop out. Even the grammar is good. What really put up my scam radar was the fact that, well, why would someone file a Better Business Bureau complaint against me in New York?

The email comes with an .ZIP attachment, which is where the virus or spyware is located. I immediately forwarded the email to the BBB, and this is the response they sent me within minutes:

On the morning of Monday, February 25th, 2013, scammers launched a phishing campaign. This campaign involves emails sent to consumers and business owners, with a claim that the recipient has been the subject of a complaint filed with the New York City BBB. The emails carry a dangerous virus. These emails did NOT come from BBB.

So, as always, when you get an email that just doesn't seem right, do some research online before opening any attachments. If you can't find anything specific, you should go directly to the company's official website (in this case I went to http://www.bbb.org) and forward them the email that you received so they can either confirm that it's official or that it's a scam.

Have you gotten any suspicious emails recently? Tell us about them in the comments section!