After the previous Rutgers Athletic Director Tim Pernetti was forced to resign following the firing of basketball coach Mike Rice, for abusing his players, new Athletic Director, Julie Hermann, is promising changes will be made at the university.

Julie Hermann looks on before being introduced as Rutgers Athletic Director. (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

"We will no longer have any practice anywhere, anytime, that anybody couldn't walk into and be pleased about what is going on in that environment. It is a new day, it's already fixed, and there's no one that doesn't agree about how we treat young people with respect and dignity and build trust," says Hermann.

Hermann says she's convinced Rutgers will quickly become a best practices university.

"We want to say to the parents of America - drop your wildly talented son or daughter on this campus because that will never happen again."

"It's really important to create a positive culture at Rutgers. I've met with all the coaches already and there's no one on that staff, no one on that head coaching staff that doesn't believe we need to be an open book."

Hermann also said she's a builder at heart. Every opportunity that she has ever had in collegiate sports, which is now over 30 years, she has never gone to any program that was built - not one time, not even as a student athlete.

"Part of my attraction for this opportunity is knowing that many things are coming together."

She stressed the healing process, to some extent, starts from the inside out - it starts with staff and it starts with our coaches, and these are the people who were so deeply affected by what took place. While they were not responsible, it splashed all over them.

"We're going to get together as an athletic department, inside this fantastic institution and come out with a message about who we are and how we stand and how we operate."