The Holmdel Township Committee is cracking down on PNC Bank Arts Center. The Township has essentially banned tailgating at concerts and has put the brakes on a chance to rent high-end sports cars and race them around the parking lot.

PNC Bank Arts Center (Facebook)

The ban applies to venues seating more than 4,000 people and according to, targets the 7,000 seat PNC Bank Arts Center.

Mayor Patrick Impreveduto told the venue runs ancillary events that disturb residents. He also said the venue strains Holmdel's emergency responders and doesn't provide any additional compensation to the Township.

The Township Committee also voted Tuesday to impose restrictions and fines on conduct in parking lots, which according to the Asbury Park Press, is aimed at Gotham Dream Cars. The company allows people to rent high-end sports cars and drive the dream cars around an autocross track at the venue.

Several Holmdel residents have applauded the restrictions.

The restrictions come after a series of incidents involving fans at the ampitheater. More than 70 people were arrested in 2000 during a rock concert by the band Phish. In 2007, there were multiple complaints of underage drinking and drugs use in the parking lot area during the OzFest festival and a concert by Gwen Stefani.